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basis of biosurgery

What is biosurgery?

Biosurgery is a combination of unhealing wounds therapy and modern biomaterials that allows to treat on many levels, thru debridement of still tissue, eradication of antibiotic resistant bacteria, stimulation of growth factors and dermal cell proliferation. Combination of all these elements in one treatment creates a very effective method of healing hard to heal wounds.

Contrary to traditional use of animal biomaterial since Roman times, in modern therapy we use fully controlled and precise application of living factors on patient’s  targeted  tissue. Detailed control means employment of only selected and safe maggots. Our maggots are:

  • fed strictly on plant base food
  • they undergo chemical disinfection
  • they are microbiologically monitored and aseptic during the production process 

What is also important, biomaterial is enclosed  within a special net,  preventing  its uncontrolled movement but at the same time allowing for a complete  bio- access to host’s tissue and high efficacy of treatment. The most effective species used in this kind of therapy are larvae of Phaenicia sericata.


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