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For and against biosurgery 

 Patients reported three kinds of reservations  when using conventional biosurgery:

  • discomfort, especially during the first day of therapy
  • displacement of biomaterial
  • blocking blood vessels by biomaterial

All of these reservations are directly linked with uncontrollable movement and direct contact with biomaterial, in result 5-30% of patients undergoing therapy reported discomfort and pain especially during the first 24 hours of treatment in which a rapid larvae growth takes place. It’s imperative for young larvae during the growth period to be provided with food water and suitable amount of oxygen, they are also very sensitive to any changes of temperature in their environment. Due to all of  these factors it is mandatory that the parcel is delivered to the patient within 24 hours, any delay compromises  biomaterial’s vitality.

As far as Biofenicia therapy goes we guarantee that biomaterial stays well within the confines of the wound. Contact with biomaterial is here reduced to a minimum allowing only for bioactive substances secreted by the maggots to have access to patient’s body. Our answer to biomaterial’s liability is the confection process and delivery. Our product was devised in such a fashion as to provide maximum comfort, and the highest standards of quality.


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