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Description of the technology

Many years of empirical studies allowed for optimization of breeding process for medical aims and meeting of aseptic and bacteriologically controlled standards. Firstly, the breeding conditions have been optimized mainly temperature and humidity, reducing mortality rate and automatically improving the effectiveness and quality of the breeding. Special incubators maintaining stable environmental conditions increase the total number of the breed from 10 to 5000 in just one month. An important element of the breeding process is the food on which the larval and adult forms develop usually an organic extract from animal liver. Such conditions create potential epidemiological problems (difficulty in maintaining aseptic conditions and risk of zoonosis) and secondly, larvae bred in such conditions emit an unpleasant odor, an ammonia derivative which constitutes a serious problem for patients undergoing therapy. Innovative agar based feed with addition of powdered milk and couple of plant proteins and propionic acid allowed for completely aseptic conditions of breed with no risk of zoonosis and side effects connected with unpleasant odor. The introduction of biotechnological breeding allows for full bacteriological control and 100% elimination of derivative substances which impede the healing process. Technological process of the manufactured product takes place in a ‘clean room’ environment which permits full control and proper monitoring documentation of bacteriological tests based on highest sanitary standards.

  1. Preparation of dressing.
    Practiced in many countries around the world maggot therapy is based on a direct contact of biomaterial with patient’s wound. This kind of contact therapy has several inconveniences which increase an overall costs of the treatment. Living biomaterial introduced in such fashion may escape its destined place of activity, therefore a constant monitoring of patient by qualified personnel is required. Larvae’s movement may also cause pain and irritation which greatly reduces the comfort of therapy and often leads to termination of treatment, not to mention esthetic factors which some patients can’t handle. In Biomantis dressings the biological product is placed in a very fine polyetylene net (diameter of single mesh is around 0.06 mm, which eliminates patient’s direct contact with biomaterial, making it  completely invisible and its activity maintained well within the confines  of the dressing, and at the same time allowing biologically active substances secreted by maggots to penetrate deep down into the wound making the dressing  100% effective.
  2. Confection of dressing
    Prepared in such a way dressing is stored in files and ready to use in higher temperatures. Size of the dressing and amount of biomaterial inside as well as the size of auxiliary dressings is adapted to patient’s individual needs. Contents of the dispatch are contained in a box along with necessary information such as production date, quality control and expiration date of the product.

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